The new needs of the skin in winter!

Lower temperatures, wind, rain and snow are conditions that are part of the coldest season of the year: winter. All external aggressions to the largest organ in the human body: the skin.

The skin is undoubtedly the greatest protection we have against environmental agents and, therefore, who suffers the first impacts.

Winter skin care must be redoubled so that it can remain soft, healthy and beautiful.

We present you with solutions to prevent the main problems that the skin faces during the winter.

“Prevention is better than cure”. It is a maxim that fits perfectly when the topic is health. Especially if we are talking about the well-being of the skin. We present some skin care that you should take during the winter, to prevent the main problems.

  • Take short, not too hot showers - Coming home after a rainy day and taking a long, hot bath. You know well, it's true; but the same does not think your skin. Choose to use warm water instead. What it prevents: dry skin, skin irritation and loss of moisture.
  •  Practice physical exercise - It's not because it's cold that you should avoid it. The practice of physical exercise brings benefits to health in general, since it reinforces the immune system, and the skin, in particular. By practicing it, it activates blood circulation, increasing body temperature. However, when exercising in winter, be sure to equip yourself accordingly. What prevents: chilblains.
  • Wear hats, scarves and scarves - They are the perfect “two in one”: they warm and protect the skin. In this way, it maintains a stable body temperature — also protecting itself from possible colds — while protecting the skin from cuts caused by wind, rain or snow. What it prevents: redness, dry skin, chilblains and chapped lips.
  • Put on gloves - It is one of the hand skin care that you should not do without during the winter. Hands are very exposed to the cold, as we use them frequently. Covering them, in addition to warming them up, will prevent the low temperatures from hurting them. What prevents: chilblains and dry hand skin.
  • Make moisturizer your best friend - It's one of the skin care products you shouldn't do without all year round. Keeping the skin hydrated is important to protect it. Choose oil-based moisturizers over water-based ones, as oil creates a protective layer on the skin, retaining moisture. What it prevents: dry hands, redness, dry skin and chilblains.
  • Apply lip balm - It's your lips' best friend, especially if you stop wetting them with your tongue while applying lip balm. What it prevents: lip balm
  • Drink water - We know that in winter we have less desire to drink water, so drink hot teas, it's important to stay hydrated. What it prevents: Dry skin and dehydration

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