Prepare the skin: Eau Cellulaire - Brume EstheDerm

We all have daily routines for everything and our skin too!

Esthederm has an absolutely wonderful product that is so complete: Eau Cellulaire, Brume.

All skin types, without any exception, need special care and this mist has an energizing and revitalizing care. It ensures the vitality and quality of the skin, optimizing its cellular metabolism.

This mist is considered as powerful as a serum.

Its composition is 100% cellular water and hyaluronic acid, which enhances the hydration of the face. In addition, other components such as potassium, sodium and calcium, carnosine and hypotaurine enhance an antioxidant and energizing action.

With a fresh and fragrance-free texture, there is no reason not to use it.

It should be used before any daily skin care, immediately after cleansing, steaming the face and making it penetrate with small light touches on the skin. 

Here are some tips for using it:

1. Use at work to stimulate and energize the skin;

2. On the plane to prevent skin dehydration;

3. After sports to replenish lost mineral salts;

4. To fix makeup

To recover the skin's vitality, luminosity and natural hydration, don't hesitate to try it, you'll love it!

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