Natural blonde hair


For you who like lighter and natural hair, stay until the end!
For those looking to have lighter hair in the most natural way possible, without so many chemicals and other types of treatments, we present the Intea product line.
They are products to be used on the hair and body that make your hair or body hair blonder without even needing the sun.
Intea products are made from Chamomile and being used daily, it can open some tones, especially on light hair. Be they natural or with chemistry.
In darker hair tones, the result is a little more discreet, but it is still visible.
Intea products leave your hair with a natural highlight, unlike coloring, it lightens the strands, making them more illuminated and clear.
The Intea line has numerous products, check out the main ones:

Intea Chamomile - Natural Blonde Lotion 100ml

Intea Chamomile Shampoo Reflex Blondes 250ml

Intea Chamomile - Body Hair Lightening Lotion 100ml



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