Cleanse Before Moisturizing!

The formula for beautiful, well-groomed and luminous skin is deep cleansing.

All steps are important, but if you don't clean your skin well, the following steps will not have the desired result.

Today I talk to you about two products for sensitive skin, from Bioderma, from the Sensibio range, which will help to have the skin very clean and ready to receive any cream to hydrate it: the cleansing gel and the micellar water H2O.

Both soothe irritations of sensitive skin.

These two products should be used in a row, twice a day: morning and night.

The micellar cleansing gel - sensibio gel moussant - has a smooth texture, making a creamy foam that deeply cleanses the skin, even the skin with make-up, reinforcing its natural hydration. Apply to wet skin, giving a light massage, then rinse well and dry.

The micellar water – sensibio H2O or H2O AR (suitable for skin with rosacea) should be applied immediately and will soothe the skin and free it from make-up and pollution, both on the face and eyes. It will prevent the risk of skin reaction and preserve its natural balance. Just use a cotton pad soaked in micellar water and apply it all over the skin gently, no need to rinse.

Discover Bioderma's Sensibio range on our website.

Try it, you will get immediate results!

You will love it!

If you already have your own brand of daily cream and you don't want to try Bioderma, in general, all brands have a washing product and micellar water. Look here on our site and we have the answer for you.

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