Bye Bye Acne

The new product line has arrived here at Be&Care, Esthederm.

One of its biggest differentials is a unique water, patented and inspired by the water in our skin, the Eau Cellulaire (Cellular Water), 100% active, provides energy to the cells, protecting their youth.

The INTENSIVE line is a range with molecular care for when the skin demands more. Like the Intensive PROPOLIS+ZINC Lotion Serum.

It has a non-greasy, fragrance-free, alcohol-free finish and is easy to apply with its Pump format.

In its action, it mattifies and refines the texture of the skin, thanks to Zinc, the skin's shine is reduced and the pores are reduced. Visibly reduces residual marks associated with imperfections caused by acne, with a clear result in a few days.

Extreme care for imperfections, excess sebum and skin prone to late acne.

For optimal results, use as a 2-month program.



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