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Sun Protection with Bronzers

Sun Protection with Bronzers

In our daily beauty routine, sunscreens are indispensable and extremely important, as they protect our skin against UVA and UVB rays that cause skin aging, the appearance of spots and wrinkles, depigmentation and even skin cancer. Therefore, the application of sunscreen is essential throughout the year, to protect ourselves from the sun and prevent our skin from being attacked.
To protect from the sun and still get a healthy and lasting tan without the skin getting dry, Australian Gold provides products with Australian ingredients rich in nutrients that will keep our skin hydrated and nourished! There are several products with various solar factors, which can be adapted to any skin type.


SPRAY GEL and LOTION with instant bronzer
The instant bronzer spray gel and lotion, designed with caramel, gives skin a glow and immediate color, the rich formula is easily absorbed into the skin. It has native Australian ingredients with Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum known to promote collagen production and with Tea Tree oil, an antioxidant. It also contains Aloe Vera that will promote greater hydration to the skin.
SPF AVAILABLE Spray Gel: 6 10 15 30 50
SPF AVAILABLE Lotion: 15 30 50
To keep the skin hydrated, smooth and still prolong the tan, wrap yourself in a blanket of silky, smooth skin with Forever After All day Moisturizer’s After Sun with a nurturing formula. With pure actives, balance and restore skin’s hydration and fight against fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin feeling soft.

Get the perfect tan !

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