Papillon London Cosmetics for Men

 Serum Skin and Beard

   Is a hydrating and regenerating serum for beard and skin, which, in addition to protecting the hair, as it contains rose hips, is non-greasy, still has SPF 15 sun protection. it healthier and more uniform. It can be used as a daily face care alone or together with the anti-aging product, as it hydrates the skin leaving it soft and non-greasy.

   Some women use it on their hair, fully approving the result on their hair fibers, as, in addition to the serum not being greasy, it has an incredibly delicious and pleasant aroma.

   The application is very simple and practical, just put two to three drops in your hand, spread it well to warm the serum and activate its essential oils and spread it on your face and beard, or even hair.


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