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NUXE SUN, Hydrating Enhancing Self-Tan

NUXE SUN, Hydrating Enhancing Self-Tan

Are you tired of your pale, white skin looking like you've never been to the beach...??

There's that party and you want to put on that dress, but with the white color of your skin it doesn't look good...??

Now that's over: you can have a tanned skin all year round, being able to control the intensity of that tan.

This is not a self-tanner, but the self-tanner - by Nuxe, the Hydrating Enhancing Self-Tan.

I already know what's going through your head, when I talk about self tanning:

- spots on the body??

- stains on clothes??

- orange skin color??

Forget it!

With Hydrating Enhancing Self-Tan you get an illuminated skin with a very natural look, even if you have dark skin, in just 2 hours after application, without any type of sun exposure.

Light in texture, easily absorbed, it is ideal to apply not only on the body, but also on the face, leaving a soft summer scent on your body.

The cream should be well tolerated by all skin types, as it is made up of 89% ingredients of natural origin. It should be applied evenly all over the body and for as long as you think is necessary until you get the desired skin tone! After that, you should space the applications in order to maintain the desired tan.

The only recommendations I have are:

- wash your hands very well after applications

- apply sunscreen if you are exposed to the sun. This product does not have sun protection.

Even if you're very skeptical, don't hesitate to try it out! It's really worth and it really works!

The product is not only intended for women, it can and can be used by men as well.

Try Nuxe Sun Hydrating Enhancing Self-Tan!
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