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Baby VS Avène Cicalfate+ - Who wins?

Baby VS Avène Cicalfate+ - Who wins?

Avène has developed the Cicalfate + line for your baby that is suitable for the whole family.

There are several versions cream, spray, balm and gel, all having the same effectiveness.

Today we will talk about Cicalfate+ cream: it is a skin repairing product, prone to irritation and redness, which contains antibacterial active principles that protect the skin and prevent the development of germs. Its regenerating action allows the skin to be revitalized faster than with any other cream. It can be used on all types of skin, even the most sensitive and atopic.

This cream has a dense texture, but it spreads easily. After a few movements it will become transparent and with a bright air, being quickly absorbed.

It's an S.O.S. for all!!

What do I think of this product having a two year old baby?

As a mother, I can't go without Cicalfate+.

If my baby hurts his arm or knee, because he fell and scratched the skin, I apply Cicalfate+, if my baby has a roasted bottom, I apply Cicalfate+, if my baby has any area of ​​the body with drier or rougher skin, I apply Cicalfate+.

After 48 hours, the skin will be fully regenerated, leaving the baby's skin softer and healthier.

In the last vaccination my baby had a small scar. I have been applying Cicalfate+ and the scar is disappearing…

Isn't that what we want for our babies?! We want the best for them and we do everything to make them feel good!

Soothe the skin of your baby and your family with just one cream, which is based on a unique and innovative combination of active ingredients derived from d'Avène thermal water.

Miraculous this cream!! Use it!

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