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Hair Nutrition

Hair Nutrition

If your hair is lifeless, dull, frizzy and lackluster, we certainly have the solution you need.
Hair nutrition is essential for our hair, it replaces lipids, which are responsible for protecting the fiber of our hair when it is malnourished, brittle, opaque, without balance and with frizz.
Doing hair nutrition often leaves your hair healthy, with soft strands, vitality and renewed strength. In addition, it leaves your hair silkier, facilitating detangling, enhancing luminosity, less frizz and controlling the volume of your hair, less split ends, dryness and prolonged hydration.
And with all these benefits of hair nutrition that today we are going to present the Ducray product line. Focused on what you need from a Nutricerat product line for intense hair repair.
An entire line developed especially for dry and damaged hair, is adapted for all hair types. Discover the main products of the line:

Ducray Nutricerat Nutrition Intense Shampoo 200ml

Ducray Nutricerat Mask Intense Nutrition 150ml

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