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Bioderma Micelar Water

Bioderma Micelar Water

Keeping the skin always clean, without residues can be a difficult task. With Bioderma’s micellar waters, keeping skin healthy and radiant has never been so easy. Available in 4 ranges to suit each skin type (pink - dry skin, blue - dehydrated skin, green – oily skin with acne tendency and grey – hyperpigmented skin).

Micellar water is used with the aim of promoting skin health, it contains micelles in its composition, which due to its characteristics absorb the residues present in the skin and manage to promote its removal without causing any type of irritation and without leaving it dry.

Micellar water is used to:

• Clean the skin and pores, ideal for cleaning the skin at the end of the day or before applying makeup.
• Remove make up effectively eliminating residue to the face.
• Purify and rebalance the skin.
• Helps reduce oiliness and excess sebum.
• Softens and soothe the skin, being ideal when is irritated and sensitized.

Since in its composition there are no chemical substances, alcohol, preservatives or dies, it can be applied all over the face including around the eyes, without causing any type of irritation.
Just put some micellar water in a cotton pad and clean your face and neck in the morning and at night without rinsing.
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