Scythe in your baby? It's no longer a concern with Mustela's Nourishing Stick With Cold Creamm

The secret to making the chaff disappear from your baby's skin, lips and face is to hydrate well.

Up to the age of 2, babies' skin is fragile and sensitive to cold, wind, sun, dry air and is easily irritated and sometimes prone to redness.

It is important to moisturize and protect your baby's skin.

Mustela has created this nourishing stick for babies and children with nutri-protective cold cream for areas that are dry and exposed to external aggression factors, such as the lips and cheekbones, from birth. The stick nourishes and protects, providing guaranteed safety from birth.

An advantage of this stick is that skin with atomic dermatitis receives it very well, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions, even in babies from neonatology.

The way to apply it is simple: apply it on the baby's lips and cheekbones and repeat the process as many times as necessary.  It's a small stick that you can put in your pocket or purse and take with you whenever you go out with your baby!

You'll love it and your baby will too… Try it!

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