Discover the melting pleasure!

 Discover the melting pleasure of NUXE Crème Fraîche de beauté®!

The moisturising skincare range with ultra-irresistible textures and an incredible smell with a unique combination of sweet Almond Botanical Milk and Oil! Your skin will look radiant, hydrated, full of vitality. Containing a minimum of 96% ingredients of natural origin, the NUXE Creme fraîche de beauté® formulas offer lasting moisturising.

Discover all the sensorial pleasure of delectable moisturising, with this palette of ultra-appealing textures. Real sensorial delights: offering multifaceted milky pleasure for the skin, from the richest buttery texture to the lightest fluid or the velvety finish of the cream.

NUXE Crème Fraîche de beauté® range:

  • The Plumping Cream provides a moisturising boost for normal skin with its melting and delectably velvety finish.
  • The light fluid texture of the Mattifying Fluid is ideal for combination skin. It mattifies the skin with no sticky effect, tightens the pores and refines skin texture.
  • The rich butter texture of the Rich Cream is the Dry skin best friend, which melts on contact with the skin to protect and comfort.
  • NUXE Crème Fraîche de beauté® 3-en-1 is a magical cream that provides daily moisturising, gently removes make-up and intensely replumps the skin.

Which Crème fraîche de beauté® is right for you?

  • Dry skin: Rich Cream with the rich butter texture will protect and confort skin with its rich contente of Shea and Moringa Butter.
  • Normal skin: Plumping cream with a velvety finish.
  • Combination skin: Mattifying Fluid with a light texture, creates an instant mattifying effect and tightens pores.

For a beauty routine in a single step, use the Crème Fraîche de beauté® 3-in-1!

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