Innéov Densilogy Man • Against hair loss

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Inneov Densilogy Man & eacute; an anti-loss treatment and hair tonic for man. Provides the scalp REQUIRED & aacute nutrients; rivers for the cres & ccedil hair, the healthy á vel and stronger


Inneov Densilogy Man: Who


Men with hair loss (heredit á ria / hormone). Who want to fortify the hair fiber and encourage its growth and men who want greater capillary density, ie more hair

Inneov Densilogy Man: Com & ccedil; & atilde; the

This f & oacute; FORMULA & uacute; nica intended to men & scalp trend ecirc; NCIA the hair or baldness shortage. Combines nutrients carefully selected an exclusive system:

  • Taurine:. an amino á acid with high affinity to the hair bulb (center of production & ccedil; & atilde; the hair fiber) and able to protect the aggression & otilde; s
  • Zinc:. & nbsp; an essential nutrient in s & iacute; ntese of prote & iacute; in, including keratin, the main constituent of the hair fiber
  • Vitamin D3:. & Nbsp; to keep the hearty balanced & iacute; brio mineral in the body
  • Omega 3: & nbsp; á essential fatty acids, from & oacute; oils of wild fish and blackcurrant-seed selected for its focus & ccedil; & otilde; DHA es, EPA and ALA with complementary properties. & nbsp;
    • The efficienc á cia in hair quality of men, est á demonstrated through & eacute; s a cl & iacute study; single (68 men for 4 months, 1 takes di á ria):

      • fortified Hair
      • Best capillary coverage
        • Inneov Densilogy Man: Guides & ccedil; & otilde; es of Use & ccedil; & atilde; the

          Take 1 c á psula + 1 tablet daily for a healthy meal & ccedil; & atilde; the (small-almo & ccedil; the, almo & ccedil; the or dinner) with a glass of á. Water

          Duty & aacute; continuing treatment by a per & iacute; m & iacute odo; nimo from 3 months to 6. & nbsp; months

          A package of Inneov Densilogy Man has 30 c á. CAPSULES + 30 tablets


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