Chanel Nº 5 Eau de Parfum Feminino 100ml

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Chanel No. 5 It was the first perfume Chanel Maison and was released in 1921.

Coco Chanel wanted to create an inimitable aroma of perfume, in his words " a perfume with a woman's smell ". His name was given for being the fifth flavor to be produced and for being the designer's lucky number, who introduced him to his friends on the 5th of May. Chanel said that this ointment should be used where the woman wants to be kissed.

It has become an essential fragrance of a wardrobe of a woman. Although it is legitimate to consider this perfume dated at a time, its use turns out to be a statement, especially on days that a woman needs an extra encouragement to take the world ahead.

We recommend version Chanel # 5 Eau de Parfum in the packaging of 100 ml, it is in this way that we believe that the perfume is best presented and which is best reflected their history.

It was the first perfume to incorpoar aldehyde, synthetic note can highlight the natural ingredients present in the formula.

The actress Marilyn Monroe immortalized its use in declaring that slept dressed with only two drops of Chanel No 5 .

  • Output: ylang-ylang, neroli, elírio of the valley aldehydes
  • Heart: May rose and jasmine
  • Background:. Vetiver, vanilla and sandalwood


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