Crescina Follicular Islands 1900 Homem 20 Ampolas

Crescina Follicular Islands 1900 Homem 20 Ampolas


236,00 €



Crescina Hair Follicular Islands is a cosmetic treatment of topical application in ampoules.

Contains the essence of patented Crescina Re-Growth (cysteine, lysine, glycoprotein) that aids in the physiological growth of hair.

A portion of the patented assets (cysteine, lysine, glycoprotein and Stem Engine - HFSC formula *) is inserted into cyclodextrins that allow gradual release. Contains the special complex for Swiss follicular islands (glycogen, glutamyl-amido-ethyl-indole, Lupinus albus, proline, extract of Triticum vulgare + Glycine max + Scutellaria baicalensis) to assist both primary and secondary bulbs and follicles specifically those belonging to the follicular islands, in order to promote the development and growth of hair.

It is Indicated in cases of thinning of physiological and non-pathological origin. It does not act on totally atrophied bulbs and follicles.

Crescina Hair Follicular Islands 1900 - Useful in cases of medium thinning


How to Use:

Crescina Re-Growth Hair Follicular Islands: A treatment of at least two months is recommended using a 3.5 ml ampoule per day for five consecutive days and then resuming after two days of rest according to the instructions on the package.

Available in the form of 20 ampoules (equivalent to one month of treatment).


236,00 €
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