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Acne after summer? Say enough with Caudalie Vinopure!

Acne after summer? Say enough with Caudalie Vinopure!

 Arrived on vacation and your skin is tired and with some pimples?

The sun, vitamin D, great ally for our health, however, also brings some less good things like the appearance of some acne and skin fatigue.

To deal with this, Caudalie has the solution – the Caudalie Vinopure range, consisting of five products

Caudalie Purifying cleansing jelly

Caudalie Purifying lotion

- Caudalie Anti-perfection salicylic sérum

- Caudalie Moisturizing mattifying fluid

- Caudalie Purifying mask

Using these five products together will give you skin that is brighter, fresher, flawless and with a matte, but not dry, appearance!

99% of the ingredients in this range are naturally sourced, vegan, sulfate-free, soap-free and alcohol-free. As they are products with natural ingredients they will not cause any allergies, however it should always be tested on a part of the skin, with a small amount of product and see how the skin reacts.

How to use de range?

The cleansing jelly should be used morning and night, massaging the face well to produce a fine foam, which will deeply cleanse the skin, preparing it to receive the remaining steps.

The purifying lotion must be used afterwards, with the help of a cotton pad and its function is to prevent the excessive production of sebum, improving the luminosity of the complexion.

Clean skin, let's nourish it with the anti-imperfection salicylic serum and the moisturizing mattifying fluid. The 1st will reduce imperfections, closing the pores, improving the quality of the skin, restoring a healthy and dull luminosity. You should let it penetrate the skin well and only after it is well absorbed should you apply the mattifying fluid. This will refresh the skin giving it a long-lasting hydration, without any shine, preventing the appearance of pimples.

Finally, use the purifying mask once a week for 5, 10 minutes and wash off. This gesture will eliminate unwanted shine, mattifying and cleansing the skin. Pay attention to the T-zone, as it is more problematic for acne-prone skin.

Don't hesitate… Try it!
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