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SOPHIE LA GIRAFE, baby's favorite teether!

SOPHIE LA GIRAFE, baby's favorite teether!

How many of us have had that moment when we had to decide what to give a to baby? Whether from our family or friends.

I recently came across this dilemma when I had to give the first gift to my baby cousin. I thought “I can give her an outfit, but she already have so many.”, that's when I chose to give her a Sophie la Girafe and it was love at first sight. It's been a year and he still goes with her everywhere.

We all know that teething is a very difficult time for a baby, gum pain, fevers, lack of appetite and many other things that we just want to go away. All care is few at this stage and the right teether is one of the aspects to take into account.


So let's talk a little bit about Sophie la Girafe! :)

Sophie La Girafe has been in the hands of babies around the world since 1961 and continues to be a big hit in the teething world.
Starting with its composition, 100% natural rubber, 100% natural rubber from Hevea sap and edible ink make it safe for baby's health. He can use Sophie la Girafe as often as he like to soothe his gums when first teeth appear. They love it!
This simple giraffe stimulates babies' 5 senses in the first few months of their life:
VISION, with the contrast of brown spots along the body that catch the baby's eye.
TOUCH with the soft touch that reminds them of mom's cozy skin and the shape of the giraffe that makes it easy to hold by baby's tiny hands.
TASTE, with a soft texture and with several parts of the body to bite, such as the ears, head, legs, among others, becomes essential in the baby's teething phase. Soft parts relieve gum discomfort.
SMELL, the characteristic perfume from the Hevea sap present in Sophie's rubber composition makes it easily recognizable by the baby.
HEARING, the whistle that sounds when squeezing the giraffe, awakens the baby's attention and makes him associate the action of squeezing the toy with generating a sound, the well-known cause-effect.
Sophie La Girafe has everything to be the baby's best friend, helps him to overcome one of the difficult stages of growth, helps him to develop the 5 senses and even becomes a friend of travel and play.

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