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Reinforce the skin's natural defenses!

Reinforce the skin's natural defenses!

  Our skin, when dry and sensitive, affects its function as a defense barrier against external agents that cause skin irritation, which leads to a feeling of discomfort, even drier skin and sensitivity.

  With the EUCERIN PH5 range, it is possible to restore the skin's natural defences, making it more resistant and less sensitive!

  The PH5 range has several products that have been created with the aim of satisfying the needs of dry and sensitive skin. Most products contain Dexpanthenol, known for its regenerating properties.

  My favorites from this range are lotion and shower gel, ideal for daily use and offering long-lasting hydration! Even the most sensitive and allergy-prone skin can use this range.

  For a daily cleansing ritual, I use PH5 Shower Gel, a gel that gently cleanses with a gentle lather. It has a very pleasant smell and leaves the skin smooth after showering without the feeling of dry skin!

  To top it off, I use the PH5 Moisturizing Lotion that will offer long-lasting hydration to my skin. It is a very gentle moisturizer, restores and stabilizes the skin's ideal PH, with regenerating properties, reduces skin sensitivity and dryness.

These two products together are an excellent option for our skin that is attacked daily by external aggressions that cause our skin irritability!


Undoubtedly a must have for soft and smooth skin! :)

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