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Protective Water

Protective Water

With the holidays approaching, the goal is always to make the most of our rest days and seek to do, outdoor walks, enjoy the summer and its beautiful sunny and hot days, with this we are exposed to the harm that the sun can also to tease.
With this exposure often in excess, we need to take care of ourselves even more, wearing fresh clothes, drinking plenty of water and of course, never forgetting sun protection

Some people don't like the texture of the usual sunscreen, so they look for greater practicality and different textures that avoid discomfort. With that in mind, today we are going to talk about Vichy Capital Soleil Protective Water, the ultra-light sunscreen that provides high protection with a broad spectrum SPF50 and SPF30 that is light as water. This sun protection is different from others, as its texture leaves an invisible film that protects the skin from the sun even under water. It is a fast-absorbing protection with a light touch, saying goodbye to fat and white tones that other traditional protectors end up leaving in our body.
Vichy Capital Soleil Protective Water, leaves your skin very well protected from UVA and UVB rays, its formula contains Vichy Volcanic Water that provides super hydration to the skin, in addition to protecting your skin, it also protects the environment as they have been tested in marine life conditions and certified as non-toxic and non-harmful to aquatic life, its formula is microplastic-free and tested on a representative set of aquatic food chains. Here's a tip, if you want high protection with the lightness of summer, use Vichy Capital Soleil Protective Water.

Protective water is available in two types
Vichy Capital Soleil Protective Moisturizing Water SPF50 and SPF30 - which has a super hydrating action and the Vichy Capital Soleil Solar Protective Water Enhanced Tan SPF50 and SPF30 which has a formula enriched with beta-carotene that provides a luminous and uniform tan.

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