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Bye Bye Pimple

Bye Bye Pimple

People with combination or oily skin tend to have some problems with the amount of sebum, making the skin more prone to pimples and other imperfections.

Acne can appear at any stage of our life, but it is very common in adolescence and affects about 80% of young people. Acne is an inflammatory process of the skin that affects the hair follicle and sebaceous glands and also due to the obstruction of pores and the proliferation of bacteria locally.

Acne can arise from several factors such as medication use, stress and other factors, it is very common to appear in the face region such as forehead, nose, chin, but it can also appear in other parts of the body.

Ideally, when your skin is acne-prone, the first step is to look for a specialized doctor to see what type of acne is your case, as in some cases the use of medication is necessary, but most cases are home treatments. , made with the daily cleaning of the skin and for that we are going to present the Acniben product line, because when it comes to sanitizing your skin, the ideal is to have specific products, as they help in the control of oiliness and have antiseptic action, fundamental to finish with acne.

Acniben has the following routine for you to say goodbye to pimples

1- Facial cleaning with ISDIN Acniben 1 Purifying Cleanser Foam 150ml that will eliminate excess oil and purify your skin gently Or you can use ISDIN Acniben 1 Matifying Cleanser Gel 400ml which is in gel and provides deep hygiene

2 - Daily hydration with ISDIN Acniben 2 Shine & Pimples Control Gel-Cream 40ml which is a gel-cream for the control of shine and pimples

3 - Daily Concealer ISDIN Acniben 3 Teen Skin On The Spot Corrector 15ml in gel to correct localized facial pimples or ISDIN Acniben 3 On The Go Wipes 30un are wipes to control oil and imperfections to minimize imperfections

For body acne you can use ISDIN Acniben + Body Blemishes Reduction Spray 150ml which is for body exfoliation to reduce body pimples.

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