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Smells like holidays !

Smells like holidays !

Smells like holidays !

Summer time is coming and it is very important to protect our skin with a sun care product that will filter UV rays. You can choose an appropriate SPF based on your phototype, and don’t forget to aplly the product at least every two hours and after going into water!

To make the exposure to the sun feel even better and with a good protection, NUXE Sun products are the ideal for you ! They have textures that glide smoothly over the skin with an AMAZING scent ! The best expression to this is without doubt : Smells like holidays !

Sun creams, sun tan oils and face and body sun sprays for sensitive skin are part of the Nuxe Sun range that offers total sun care protection for every occasion all with Nuxe’s philosophy of protection. All made with Water and Sun Flowers, with sensual textures and the fragrance of tropical islands and summer flowers.

There are three products that i don’t miss every Summer:

The feel-good holiday scent of the Nuxe sun care range, NUXE Delicious Water captures the warm glow of summer in its bottle with sunset hues. Its radiant harmonies of sweet Orange and Petitgrain exercise a captivating appeal. Take off to tropical shores on its wafting notes of Coconut and Tiare Flowers, caressed by a sensual wave of Vanilla and Musk.

This sun protection lotion its fluid with a smoothly texture and a scent with notes of sweet Orange, Tiare and Vanilla, helps to protect your face and body from the sun’s rays and premature photoageing of the skin while enhancing your tan with a SPF 30.

Ideal for combination skin, prevents dark spots and with an anti-aging celular protection. With a pocket format, making it pratical and dispense a light fluid texture with bare skin Effect.

No less important than sunscreen, this after-sun for face and body is ideal for your skin that feels overheated after a day in the sun.  Prolongs tanning, repairs and soothes skin with a refreshing texture !

 Ready to smell like holidays ? :)


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