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After-sun, our friend at the right time!

After-sun, our friend at the right time!

If you love sunbathing, sunbathing, whether at the beach, pool or even in the park. Here's the tip: make use of the after-sun. These leisure options provide us with a feeling of well-being, tranquility, freedom, rest, not to mention a unique tan. Who doesn't like a blue sky and a sun to warm up? With spring the days start to get longer, the pool and beach days are already knocking on the door and it is always good to remember that at this time the sunscreen becomes a necessary item, as we have already said here.

At this time of year, we start to be more exposed to the sun and heat and when the exposure is too intense, our skin tends to be red, and it can burn and then become dry. In addition to the reddish appearance, UVB rays activate prostaglandin, which makes nerve cells much more sensitive. Meanwhile, UVA rays stimulate the activity of melanocytes, cells that produce melanin and result in the much-desired tan. However, in addition to making the skin darker, UVA also affects the DNA of the cells, which end up drying out and dying. It is for this reason that the skin starts to peel. That's why whenever you spend many hours exposed to the sun, the ideal thing is to calm the skin with the after-sun moisturizer, the moisturizer is formulated with ingredients with a soothing and anti-inflammatory action, which reduce the burning sensation and redness, the after-sun moisturizers -sun soothes irritations, inflammations and nourishes the skin. Not to mention the immediate relief right after its application.

After-sun prolongs the tan, repairs and soothes the skin. In some more serious cases, using only after-sun is not enough. A high fever and a lot of redness can be signs of second-degree burns. Also, when blisters appear, it could be a case of a third degree burn. If you suspect that the situation is more serious than it seems, be sure to seek medical attention. So, it's agreed thirty minutes before exposing yourself to the sun use the sunscreen doing your maintenance as the hours go by and so finish your sunbath with that nice bath to relax. Make use of after-sun.

Check out a list below that we have separated for you!

Nuxe Sun Refreshing After-Sun Lotion - Face and Body 200ml

Caudalie After-Sun Tanning Extension 200ml

Vichy Idéal Soleil After-Sun Milk 300ml

Eucerin Gel-Cream After-Sun Sensitive 200ml

Youth Lab Tan & After-Sun 150ml


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