Feel your skin clean and balanced with Etat Pur!

“Etat Pur was born from the challenge of creating a brand for everyone, whose values ​​are transparency, efficiency and respect for the skin and the planet.”

 Jean Noël Thorel, Founder of Etat Pur

Highly effective and unique response to skin problems!

With Pure Actives concentrated at the effective dose to act in depth, in the center of the cells, thanks to the patented IN-SKIN® technology.

An antioxidant for your skin!

 A skin exposed to the sun and pollution influences premature aging. Counteract this effect by acting effectively with Active Pure Vitamin E 3.93%, a powerful antioxidant booster for more protected and younger skin!

Does your skin need fresher hydration?

The Light Moisturizing Cream has a light and fresh texture, which hydrates the skin in depth without oily effect. The concentration of its olive, soy and sunflower vegetable oils in the formula is perfectly adapted to the needs of each type of skin, such as normal or mixed skin.

Feel your skin clean and balanced! Meet the new Etat Pur brand!

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Etat pur

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