Vinagre De Sidra De 60 Comprimidos

Vinagre De Sidra De 60 Comprimidos

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The origin of Cider Vinegar is the apple, as already known for its health benefits. This vinegar helps in the absorption of fats and vitamins A and E, causing a release of bile and pancreatic enzymes in the intestine.


Cider Vinegar also shows results in reduced appetite since slows sugar levels in the blood. Also displays beneficial properties in terms of the digestion process since it is a weak organic acid that gastric acid, it would also potentiate absorption of calcium.

  • Rhamnus purshianus, Cascara Sagrada (bark) 25%;
  • Camellia sinensis, green tea (leaves) 12.5%;
  • Cider Vinegar 12.5%;
  • Chitosan 12.5%;
  • Artichoke (plant) 5%;
  • Passiflora (flowers and leaves) 2.5%.
  • 60 tablets.
    • Directions for use

      It is recommended 1 tablet of Cider Vinegar 15 minutes before lunch and 1 or 2 tablets before dinner.

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