Té Biofibra Java 60 Tabletas

Té Biofibra Java 60 Tabletas

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Content: 60 tablets

take Mode Take 1 tablet 15 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a glass of water. In case of need can be taken two pills 15 minutes before the jantar.Beba 1,5lt of fluid a day

Ingredients Equisetum arvense, Horsetail (Stems) 22.2%.; Anti-caking agent: Tricalcium Phosphate; Lactose; Arctium lappa, Burdock (root) 13.9%; Orthosiphon stamineus, Java Tea (leaves and flôr) 18.9%; Anti-caking agent: Wheat starch, magnesium stearate; Organic Silicon 0.6%; Anti-caking agent: Talc

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