Phytocédrat Shampoo - Oily Scalp - 200 ml

Phytocédrat Shampoo - Oily Scalp - 200 ml

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Product Description


Phytocedrát Shampoo is a purifying shampoo sebum-regulator, suitable for oily scalp. Wash gently, avoiding the famous effect of reaction seborrhea, leaving your hair light and easy to comb.


Precursor of a new generation of sebum-regulators shampoos, Phytocedrát Shampoo is formulated with essential oil of cider and geranium extract, associated with plants that reduce sebum secretion (thanks to its astringent properties).

    • An active component extracted from conifer and a hydrolyzed soy protein, coats the hair shaft, preventing the migration of sebum in the hair
    • Reduces sebum secretion and opposes tallow deposit along the hair shaft
    • Let your hair and scalp healthy

How to Use

Apply Phytocedrát Shampoo in very wet hair. Gently massage. Let stand 2 minutes and rinse generously. Use 2 times a week.

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