Phytoapaisant Shampoo - Scalp Irritation - 200 ml

Phytoapaisant Shampoo - Scalp Irritation - 200 ml

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Phytoapaisant, effectively tested care to restore comfort and balance of the sensitive and irritated scalp.

The scalp is a living organ that determines the health and beauty of hair. Has a hydrolipidic film and cutaneous flora that are responsible for its natural defense. These defense mechanisms have a very fragile balance that can easily be destabilized.

The imbalance generally leads to an awareness of the scalp where the first symptoms that are remarkable are the irritation and redness.

The factors that may contribute to this change are common to humans and are often the use of shampoos with a lot of detergent, different water hardness that is used, etc.

In this way the Phytoapaisant care calms the scalp due to the presence of respite plant extract that rebalances  bacterial flora, reduce the presence of germs and parasites and also stimulates the harmonious hair growth.

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