Phyto Secret De Nuit - Night Care Serum 75 ml

Phyto Secret De Nuit - Night Care Serum 75 ml

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Product Description


Take advantage of the darkness and apply a night treatment with Phyto Secret de Nuit, a regenerating high hydration night care that takes advantage of the hours of sleep to regenerate in depth the dry and damaged hair.

Why at night? The heat of the evening environment helps care to penetrate deep into the hair away from external aggression and pollution. The hair, more receptive, regenerates throughout the night.


With Phyto Secret de Nuit your hair finally finds a night care. This care moisturizes and regenerates the hair fiber and provides an antioxidant and protective action.

    • Soft and regenerated hair
    • Contains microspheres
    • It frees its active components of vegetable and natural origin that act while sleeping
    • 75 ml dropper bottle

How to Use

Apply Phyto Secret de Nuit before lying down to sleep. After application, fall asleep and fully enjoy a beautiful, shiny hair to wake up ... will be ready to start the day in beauty.