SkinCeuticals Blemish Age Solution 200ml

SkinCeuticals Blemish Age Solution 200ml

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Purifying tonic anti-age and anti-imperfections with a triple combination of exfoliating agents that eliminate dead cells and excess residues, to purify the pores and prepare the skin for the next care.



- Salicylic capryloyl acid (exfoliate the skin accurately and has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect);

- glycolic acid (AHA that softens the skin, reduces its imperfections and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and wrinkles);

- salicylic acid (highly effective in removing cell fragments from the pores, since it accelerates skin regeneration);

- Intended for acne skin, SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age solution is formulated with a triple combination of exfoliating agents to decongest the pores, effectively removing excess waste and cells on the surface of the skin;


How to use

  • Apply twice daily after blemish + Age Cleansing Gel;
  • Spray a small amount on a cotton disc and apply to the skin of the face, neck and chest;


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47,19 €
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