Lierac Premium Day&Night Voluptuous Cream - 50 ml

Lierac Premium Day&Night Voluptuous Cream - 50 ml

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Product Description


Lierac Premium Day&Night Voluptuous Cream is indicated for hydration and intense nutrition coupled with the absolute anti-aging treatment, suitable for all skin types.


Lierac Premium Day&Night Voluptuous Cream deeply moisturizes and nourishes in a care that combines an anti-age and anti-wrinkle action, through technological innovation of genetic medicine and natural extracts of black flowers. The fusion of technology and luxury for an incredibly younger skin.

    • Voluptuous cream: rich and indulgent
    • Investigations result in the area of genetic medicine and aesthetics
    • With Relaxor BX Complex
    • With Pure Hyaluronic Acid
    • With black flowers: Rose Black Baccara, Black Orchid and Black Poppy
    • Cell Protection Anti-UVA and UVB
    • Antioxidant activity and DNA shield
    • Fill wrinkles, even the deepest
    • Moisturizer action with shea butter and vegetable glycerin
    • Redensifies and tones the skin
    • The grain of the skin ibecomes uniform
    • The skin regains brightness
    • An extraordinarily younger looking
    • Not tested on animals

How to Use

Apply Lierac Premium Day&Night Voluptuous Cream daily to clean and dry skin, or after Premium Serum.