Lierac Phytolastil - Stretch Mark Prevention Gel - 200ml

Lierac Phytolastil - Stretch Mark Prevention Gel - 200ml

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Product Description


Lierac Phytolastil - Stretch Mark Prevention Gel is indicated for puberty, pregnancy, weight variations. Its the first care that specifically addresses the problem of stretch marks: promoting the prevention and/or intervening in existing stretch marks. 


Through a phyto-terapheutical synergy of horsetail, ivy and lion-foot preserves the physiology of connective tissue, stimulating cell renewal, promoting the production of new fibers and restoring skin elasticity, relaunching the fibre activity, so the biosynthesis of fibroblasts.

  • In case of pregnancy, the use of Lierac Phytolastil Gel should start from the end of the 1st quarter until after delivery
  • You should be extended to all exposed areas: Belly, Breast, Hips, buttocks and thighs
  • It can also be used to prevent stretch marks in case of slimming cures, obesity, puberty, and other hazardous conditions for the development of such trademarks.

How to Use

Using Lierac Phytolastil Gel daily from the end of the 1st trimester of pregnancy until delivery in risk areas: breasts, hips, thighs and belly, through one application per day. In case of slimming cures or other, also make one application per day.


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