Lierac Body-Slim - Stomach and Waist - 100 ml

Lierac Body-Slim - Stomach and Waist - 100 ml

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Product Description


Lierac Body-Slim - Stomach and Waist is indicated for the volume reduction in the belly and waist area.


Lierac Body-Slim - Stomach and Waist eliminates fat concentrated in the abdominal area making the waist thinner and more toned.

  • Gel-cream fondant and easy to spread
  • Eliminates excess fat in the abdomen
  • Tones the skin preventing sagging
  • With Wtb System (Sacred Lotus, White Willow, Peptide Biotech) to burn fat
  • Draining action of Lipo-Reverse complex (Caffeine and Glaucine)
  • With Seaweed Chestnut extract
  • Immediate reduction action of Oat Polysaccharides
  • Proven efficacy after 14 days of application
  • Satisfaction: 91% for volume reduction and 97% for more toned skin

How to Use

Apply Lierac Body-Slim - Stomach and Waist daily, morning and evening, massaging until complete absorption of the product.