Delivery - Worldwide Shipping

Be and Care is a Portuguese store that has worldwide shipping through. When a item is shipped we always provide tracking information.

Free Shipping!

Shipping costs are calculated automatically, in function of the weight and type of product. Shipping is free for orders above 125 EUR (around 140 USD / 190 CAD) if the weight is less than 2Kg. If the weight of the order is above 1kg the free shipping value will increase (with a discount ;) ). Always check your cart!

Free shipping by UPS is for orders above 250 EUR ( 280 USD / 377CAD)

Delivery Time

The order of time comes from Portugal to America is usually 3-5 days, then is delayed at customs in a time that is usually 15 working days. However, the transportation are reliable and delivery is guaranteed. You can always follow in full detail the status of your order through the tracking code.

Delivery time per UPS takes 2/6 work days.

Tracking Code

Ship always the tracking code / tracking to know where your order is located. To do this simply go to page posts and enter the tracking number. You can always contact us for more information about their shopping. In these cases, you always have your order number.

In the following link you can find the tracking website for your country:


Depending on the country of delivery, different tax rules and additional charges may apply, it may be necessary to pay import duties and taxes before receiving the products.

In the case of express shipping: The products must undergo customs clearance, the carrier will contact you in order to continue paying the fee, which is the buyer's full responsibility.

In the case of regular mail: Most items are not taxed, however, packages can be selected at random for inspection. This review may result in the taxation of goods and delayed delivery. The tax is the responsibility of the customs of the country of destination. Any fee is not applied or reverts to Be and Care. We cannot know in advance whether this process will take place or not, so we cannot advise you when you place an order. If this happens, you will be contacted to pay taxes. If you refuse to do so, your order will be returned to us.


We normally ship our products in card boxes.

Customs Taxes
Our products are shipped from Portugal. Most items are not taxed, however, packages can be randomly selected for inspection. Such a review may result in taxation of goods. The fee is the responsibility of the customer. Any fee is not applied or reverted to the Be and Care store.

If you have a problem with your order / shipment, you have up to 6 months to file a complaint at [email protected]