Skin hyperpigmentation

Evens and brightens skin tone!

DSP Serum Brightening

DSP-Brightening Serum prevents and treats skin hyperpigmentation, reducing dark spots by using selective depigmenting ingredients such as hexylresorcinol and phytic acid.

DSP Cream SPF 50+

An exceptional product for treating dark spots during the day: it reduces and prevents the appearance of melanin spots and hyperpigmentation while protecting the skin against solar radiation and evening out tone, hydrating and providing a powerful antioxidant effect. In addition, the new lightweight fluid texture makes it easy to apply and leaves the skin with a pleasant feeling.

DSP Renovation Cream

Evens skin tone and treats selective hyperpigmentation, acting only where there are dark spots and preventing their appearance. It also contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids, which boost cell renewal and encourage absorption of the other ingredients.With depigmenting active ingredients that work on dark spots. With natural AHAs that encourage cell renewal.

DSP Mask

Significantly reduces dark spots with highly concentrated active ingredients, such as arbutin, kojic acid and salicylic acid. Occlusive mask with an intensive depigmenting effect made with a high concentration of active ingredients.

DSP Cover

Corrects blemishes and gives a smoother and more uniform appearance to the tone. In addition, it contains salicylic acid and kojic acid, which are ingredients that contribute to the progressive elimination of skin hyperpigmentation.

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