Ecophane Shampo Cabelos Frageis Vitaminas + Oligoelementos 200 ml

Ecophane Shampo Cabelos Frageis Vitaminas + Oligoelementos 200 ml





Ecophane Fortifying Shampoo is indicated for fragile and thin hair, damaged, devitalized and dull and prone to fall.


Ecophane Fortifying Shampoo strengthens, revitalizes and moisturizes the hair making them more dense, shiny and healthy.

  • strengthens keratin stimulating hair growth
  • Hair revitalized and brighter
  • soft hair, untangled and easy to comb
  • The compound of proteins and vitamins that nourish and restructure the capillary tissue
    • Usage Guidelines

      Use Ecophane Fortifying Shampoo daily or at least 2-3 times a week, with damp hair. Gently massage until frothy and let the shampoo act for a few minutes, rinsing the hair with water, then.

      It is recommended to complement the treatment with the dietary supplement Ecophane Fortifying Powder for Hair and Nails.


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