Anti-Dark Spots Treatment

Anti-Dark Spots Treatment

Mesoestetic - Anti-Dark Spots Treatment

Mesoestetic products are known as one of the best in the treatment of dark spots, in particular Cosmelan. This brand also presents a full range of products for face and body skin care. 

Viviscal - Hair Loss Care

Hair Loss

Viviscal - Against Hair Loss

Viviscal is known worldwide for its products against hair loss, such as the nutritional supplement Viviscal Maximum Strength, the Viviscal Man and, also, the shampoo and conditioner Viviscal. 




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Face and Body Care

Caudalie - The perfect care for your skin

Caudalie, a mark of excellence and recognized quality in skin care based on the anti-aging power of polyphenols extracted from grape seeds. A special care ... directly from the french vineyards for your skin!

Dr Scholl - Cuidados Para Os Pés - Limas, Cremes, Palmilhas


Dr Scholl - The perfect care for your feet

Dr Scholl presents a complete range of feet care products: the famous Dr Scholl Electric Lime – Velvet Smooth, insoles for your feet, anti-warts creams, etc.

Lierac - Cuidados da Pele

Face and Body Care

Lierac - The Language of the Skin

Lierac laboratories combine the extraordinary power of nature to the constant innovation of biotechnology to ensure a specific solution and respond precisely to every need of the skin.

Phyto - Hair Beauty


Phyto - Hair Beauty

Phyto has natural plant-based products for the best care of your hair.


Face and Body Care

Vichy - Face, Body, Hair, Make-Up and Anti-Age

Vichy has a complete range of skin care, adequate for any skint ype and make-up that doesn't warm the skin. It also has a complete hair product range, for any kind of need. Learn more about Vichy!


Anti-Cellulite and Firming Products


A complete brand of unique slimming and toning care to achieve a firm and smooth skin. Specialized in cellulite combat, Elancyl offers several products that will help you get the skin you always wanted.

Cesta da Mustela Bebe Mama


Mustela - Baby Care

The baby's skin, fragile and delicate, needs special care tailored to their unique cellular capital. Mustela's products ensure the best care for your baby's skin.

Depuralina Express 60 Caps

Regular Price: US$40.42

Special Price: US$33.35

Lierac Sunific 3 Suncare - Iridescent Melt-In Milk - Tan Activating - Anti-Aging 125ml

Regular Price: US$30.40

Special Price: US$27.97

Lierac Sunific After Sun - Iridescent Satin Milk - Face & Body 125ml

Regular Price: US$26.92

Special Price: US$24.49

Sesderma Hidraderm Creme de Mãos 50ml

Regular Price: US$15.00

Special Price: US$12.39

Sesderma Hidraderm Creme Facial Hidratante 50ml

Regular Price: US$27.73

Special Price: US$23.74

Sesderma Hidraderm Hyal Creme Facial Hidratante 50ml

Regular Price: US$38.16

Special Price: US$36.19

Sesderma Hidraderm Hyal Liposomal Serum 30ml

Regular Price: US$47.42

Special Price: US$44.58

Sesderma Hidraderm Hyal Repair Leite Corporal Hidratante 200ml

Regular Price: US$30.05

Special Price: US$27.50

Sesderma Hidraderm Leite Desmaquilhante para Rosto e Olhos 200ml

Regular Price: US$24.90

Special Price: US$22.87

Sesderma Hidraderm Tónico Facial com Água de Aveia e Rosas 200ml

Regular Price: US$15.00

Special Price: US$11.58

Sesderma Hidraloe Gel de Aloe 250ml

Regular Price: US$18.47

Special Price: US$16.15

Sesderma Hidraven Creme Espumoso sem Sabão 300ml

Regular Price: US$23.77

Special Price: US$23.10

Sesderma Hidraven Sabonete Dermatológico sem Sabão 100gr

Regular Price: US$13.32

Special Price: US$11.46

Sesderma K-Vit Gel Clarificante 50ml

Regular Price: US$47.77

Special Price: US$46.03

Sesderma K-Vit Sérum Anti-Olheiras Clarificante 30ml

Regular Price: US$47.77

Special Price: US$44.87

Sesderma Kojicol Gel Despigmentante 30ml

Regular Price: US$53.71

Special Price: US$51.24

Sesderma Kojicol Plus Gel Despigmentante 30ml

Regular Price: US$55.01

Special Price: US$52.40

Sesderma Psorises Mist Tratamento Localizado da Psoríase 125ml

Regular Price: US$42.56

Special Price: US$40.47

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