Biolimão Active Draine Men 500 ml

Biolimão Active Draine Men 500 ml

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Product Description


Tell & uacute; of: 500ml

taking mode:

Take 4 tablespoons Dilu & iacute; a bottle of á 1,5l of water and drink throughout the day



á purified water; Betula pendula, B & eacute; tula; Beta vulgaris, beets; Dog rose, Rosa Silvestre; Ficus carica, Fig Tree; Cynara scolymus, Artichoke; Nasturtium officinale, Agri & atilde; o; Buckthorn Rhamnus, Ameiro Black; Foeniculum vulgare Fennel; Triphylla Lippia, Lucia-file; L-Carnitine; Á acid asc & oacute; rbico (Antioxidant); Pectol enzymes & iacute; tics (1); Cicloheptamilose (1); Á acid s & oacute; rbico (preservative); Acesulfame K and (or) saccharin.

(1) - Replace & acirc;. Stances of natural origin, obtained by Biotechnol & oacute processes; cal used as supporting the extractive process