Super L Carnitine 3000

Super L Carnitine 3000

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Carnitine is a nutrient present in all mitochondria. It is known to be responsible for the "transformation of fat in muscle," but actually "burn" fat mitochondria in turn generates power for the functioning of muscles. If the amount of carnitine is insufficient will be excess fat deposited. This makes it an excellent addition to weight loss when combined with a diet low in carbohydrates and regular exercise. Carnitine is effective also in other ways, such as increasing the cardiac output and the stamina during exercise, decreased heart rate, and increases levels of good cholesterol (HDL). It may also be helpful in slowing aging of brain cells, reduce fatty liver problems, improvements in quality and quantity of sperm in case of infertility, lack of energy, stress, etc.

Directions for use:. 1 ampoule per day preferably before exercise

Water; L-Carnitine 30%; Fructose; Lemon flavor; Preservative:. Potassium sorbate