Libifeme Stimulating Female 30 Capsules

Libifeme Stimulating Female 30 Capsules

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Product Description


Libifeme is a 100% natural food supplement composed of products that show results in terms of improving the sex life of women.

Libifeme promotes:

  • increased lubrication since it preserves the cells of the vaginal mucosa exerting an antioxidant function; 
  • blood supply to the genital area is increased due to its vasoconstrictor action , thus increasing the sensitivity of sands ; 
  • vaginal lubrication , thus reducing the sensation of pain during sexual intercourse ; 
  • relaxation of the clitoris and the muscle cells of the vagina physical vitality in general since their varied composition plants is the level of stimulating


Usage guidelines

Take one capsule a day, usually around the same time . Libifeme not interfere with any hormonal mechanism and as such does not cause weight changes or mood.

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