Pau de Cabinda - 50 tablets

Pau de Cabinda - 50 tablets

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Original product that can enhance the male erection. All men ever felt the problem of not being able to "put it up." Often there is no physiological problem does not occur a healthy and vigorous erection only for psychological reasons, when the man feels intimidated by sex or is your head elsewhere. The Cabinda stick is a natural product that enhances the powerful erections allowing sexual intercourse is prolonged and duradour, resulting in intense pleasure for both!

In women the Cabinda stick is a potent aphrodisiac effectively stimulating sexual desire and helping to break the psychological barriers, making sex an explosion of feelings of pleasure.

Pack of 50 tablets (150,000 mg).

take Mode

Take 2 tablets at lunch and dinner. In situations of increased activity may take up to 3 comprimidaos for lunch and dinner.

Qt. Maximum Daily: 1800 mg (6 tablets)


Pausinystalia yohimbe, Pau de Cabinda (Bark) 85.7%; Lactose; Polyvinylpyrrolidone.


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