Since 1971, when it launched the first range of slimming products, Elancyl brand has been following a path of growth and deep research in the area of toning care and anti-cellulite introducing in its products, innovative and effective ingredients such as Caffeine, Ivy Vine or Sichuan Pepper among many others.

Offers, at this time, a complete set of products that meet many of the major concerns of women and their welfare: energy, thinning, firmness, and pre and post maternity care.

Elancyl Cellu Slim

Anti-Cellulite & Firming Products

Elancyl Cellu Slim

A range of products with slimming action, anti-cellulite, firming and draining formulated with Cecropia, Caffeine, Ivy, Sichuan pepper and GP4G. With outstanding results from the 14th day of application, this range leaves your skin smooth, hydrated and firm. Learn more / Buy

Elancyl - Strech Marks Prevention

Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Elancyl - Stretch Marks Prevention & Correction Cream

To help solve one of the characteristic problems of pregnancy - stretch marks, Elancyl features a range of products that bet, on the one hand, prevention with moisturizing and nourishing care and, second, the correction of stretch marks installed already allowing mitigate the appearance of these in skin. Learn more / Buy

Elancyl Active Massage

Anti-Cellulite & Firming Products

Elancyl Activ Massage - Anti-Cellulite

The toning care and anti-cellulite act more effectively when applied through a specific massage that stimulates microcirculation and promotes drainage. Learn more / Buy

Elancyl Shower

Anti-Cellulite & Firming Products

Elancyl Shower - Toning Shower Gel

Care for the shower and bath this brand cleanse gently and leave the skin more toned and detoxified, helping to make it more smooth, soft and firm. Moreover, they are still deeply relaxing and light due to fresh and memorable aroma . Learn more / Buy

Official Website - http://www.elancyl.com/

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