Brewers Yeast Tablets 180

Brewers Yeast Tablets 180

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The yeast beer & eacute; a type of unicellular fungus known as Saccharomyces cerevisiae and widely used as a starter in the manufacture of BREAD oe beer. Your use & ccedil; & atilde; as food & eacute supplement; increasingly frequent due á its rich composition & ccedil; & atilde; in the prote & iacute; in (about 50%) and amino á essential acids, B vitamins and á acid f & oacute; acid. & Eacute; widely used by sportsmen, CHILD in the growth phase, gr á lives and patients convalescen & ccedil; the due á its rich composition & ccedil; & atilde; the. In this way shows benef & iacute; ness still in sa & uacute; of the hair, the nails and, acne, eczema. Its takes before MEAL & MAKE-& otilde; s also reduces Sensa & MAKE-HANDS, the hunger aiding in weight loss procedures, but on the other hand uses & MAKE-& HAND thereof in higher amounts can lead to weight gain often intended by the sportsman.

Directions for use & ccedil; & atilde; o: Take 2 tablets before THREE s main healthy meal & ccedil; & otilde; s (small-almo & ccedil; the, almo & ccedil; o and dinner)

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